Must-Have iPhone App: KickSwerve

If you do not own an iPhone let me give you a reason to buy one: KickSwerve is now available in the App Store and it's the most addictive thing to hit the iPhone since that ridiculous fake coke app from a while back. The beauty of of this game is in it's simplicity; there's no passing or defending, just endless, glorious, swervyshooting. I can't believe I'm saying it but I actually enjoy this loads more than the mobile version of FIFA.


Anonymous said...

Wow, kickswerve looks awesome, think i'll get it straight away when I get my iPhone for Christmas tomorrow!

Just done a google search and found this http://www.kickswerve.com

Binks said...

Yeah, after playing it on that cute toy you have that makes phone calls too, I wish I could get this for the Android platform.

In time, I'm sure.