The Most Sensitive U.S. Soccer Mixtape Ever

Alan McGee once famously (in Britain at least) referred to the collective works of Coldplay as "music for bedwetters". If that is the case then I suggest you grab a pair of your Gran's Depends and wrap your mattress in Saran Wrap because some of you may develop a sudden case of nocturnal enuresis after watching this one; in fact it might be best to check with your health-care provider about coverage for this before pressing play.


Anonymous said...

best of the decade??? yeah, who needs 2002, wasn't a good year for us by any means ;)

Brian said...

The RFK tribute to Davies would have been more fitting seeing as how it was at an actual US national team math, and not a MLS match between RSL and NYRB.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Thank you. No room for criticism with the heart is full of gladness.

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