Hard Times For Yanks In Haggisland


I meant to link to this the other day but was too busy being infectiously ill to do: ESPN The Magazine's cautionary tale of Americans Outsourced To Europe™ written by Luke Cyphers and starring Run DMB and Mo Edu. Aptly titled "Be Careful What You Wish For" it's good, insightful stuff about the trials and tribulations of being a player/playa abroad and how things can go from classy to ashy real quick. I wish I had more to say about it but being that it's Rangers I've already said to much...c'mon Celtic!*

*Take the bait Binks & Pebble, I know you want to.


dutchtwista said...

great example of why print magazines are an endangered species...2 months ago this piece would have been spot on.

Now, DMB's starting & scoring while Edu's close to first team return. Things are looking good for both @ Rangers & the Nats

Binks said...

I'll bite.

Rangers invest in American talent.
Celtic has try outs.

At least some Americans are getting free healhcare. :)

That picture is now my Android wallpaper.

Primetown said...

Isn't American Dom. Cervi at Celtic? Not that he's played a meaningful game for them, but he's getting a paycheck if IIRC.

Pebble said...

The only problem with the article was the timing. Beasley had finally broken into the first team, was scoring goals and his play was almost turning him into a lock for the World Cup.

Unfortunately, Beasley was injured in practice and subsequently missed the following game. Now they are saying he'll be out a few weeks.

Edu is just coming back. He came on as a late sub in said game and there is talk that he may start the Old Firm on January 3rd.

Overall, it is a good article that was just poorly timed.

Binks said...

Poorly timed? I think the timing was perfect considering both were coming back and starting after injury and showing up well.

I guess what I got about working hard to maintain a starting spot because you are competing to do with your team mates week in, week out, might have been different than what you got from the article.