Your "Signs of the Footie New Media Apocalypse" Update


If you follow this blog with any regularity you know that unlike most soccer blogs, English people who are not under the employ of the LA Galaxy are a sighting as rare as goals by goalies. But when someone like Sunderland's Darren Bent decides get custom boots branded with his Twitter handle and Twitter logo it's kind of special. Not as special as Jozy's life-in-a-Northern-town Twitvid, but special nonetheless.

I could go on a tangent about how every time a new technology or digital medium makes a real impact it gets co-opted for all manner of foolishness but I'll refrain in this case; dude is kind of on fire right now with 8 goals in 11 games so his feet are probably getting crazy airtime via highlights and those slow-motion close-up replays that they show during the broadcasts so this makes loads more sense than most things you've see out there.

But where does it go from here? I'll tell you where. By First Kick 2010 dudes are going to start wearing those Bill Lambeer-style face masks with their Facebook address on them. Yes my friends the end is truly nigh.

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