Video: The Sochaux "Get Well Charlie" Video

If I'm Charlie Davies...does a Frenchman in chili pepper boxer shorts laying ass-up on a table make me feel better or worse? Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Actually, you're "just askin'" which still makes no sense. You just said / asked it. Why do you have to remind us that's what you're doing with an inane aside at the end.

-Dude who is on a personal mission to eradicate that inanity from the vernacular of our language.

Christopher Barker said...

I think this is class from Sochaux. I mean... the players are kind of cornballs, but who cares? A "We Miss You" from a top division team in Europe for an American who hadn't been with the team long? Cool. Sochaux definitely has a new fan.

EricJ said...

Dear Anon:

If you think there is some sort of true "standard" of English to which all use of it is judged, for any language actually, you are sadly mistaken.


Someone who is not ignorant.

Hrdina said...

Kudos to Sochaux. Class.

RBNY said...

Dear Anonymous,

Don't be a dousche.

Desert Rat said...

Hats off to Sochaux for this. Goofy, but sweet.

And Anonymous, lighten up. If you can't have a little fun on a blog post about a game, when can you have fun.