Video: LA Is Ready Y'all

Tonight, tonight, to-ni-ight
We could make it right tonight, to-ni-ight

I already have loads of respect for the Riot Squad because of the hospitality that they showed the New York supporters at MLS Cup last year; anyone who treats me to tacos, beer and bike jousting after such a crushing defeat are my people for life.

But I will love, love, love you guys even more if you brush up on your Genesis in time to sing the hook from this song during tonight's game. I'm not taking sides or anything (publicly) but I just thi
nk it's high time that the Phil Collins oeuvre contained at least one terrace anthem.


Martek said...

The Houston Chronicle today had an extensive front page treatment of the game, as well as making it THE major feature in the Sports section. Huge kudos.

LA Times? Check out the main page online here. Notice something missing? Like ANY MENTION AT ALL, EVEN ONE, OF THE GAME TONIGHT? Now by the time you look at it, the page may change, but at 12:42 p.m. Central, 10:42 a.m. Pacific, the LA Times main page is completely silent about the biggest game in their coverage area today. There's a story about Miguel Cotto, about the Lakers (natch) and another about the Cincinnati Bengals. The Cincinnati Bengals?

This is a total disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Probably one of the many reasons why the LA Times struggles to sell papers anymore, no?

Anonymous said...

who likes to read?

Anonymous said...

can't wait! hope these two shine

Anonymous said...

love it

Anonymous said...

lol bike jousting!! That is youtube material!

Julian said...

Actually I was looking to get a copy of the LA Times today ... I needed something to pack my dishes in.

I'm on my way to the HDC with my Riot Squad buddies in a few. I'll see about that Phil Collins ... 'specially since it won't get out of my head now.

Mingo said...

Crazy match tonight. Two blackouts, 120 minutes and 2 OT goals. Chicago vs RSL better a barnburner to match this game.