Video: Beardy Becks Ready For The Playoffs

You know what would be bad ass? If Becks would shave the beard but keep the mustache. I really feel like what we need right now is a return to wide-brooms and "real ales" beards. It's kind of sad that Shep Messing --who has been retired for more than 20 years-- is the dude who's really holding it down for consistent and prominent facial hair in the American soccer diaspora.* I'm telling you if Goldenballs just butched it up all Magnum P.I.-style on the regular we could see a return to a time when bristly hirsuteness was mainstream, acceptable sexiness within 3-months.

*Playoff beards are a short-term gimmick lacking in true dedication to being bushy and thus do not count.

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Me, Here said...

OK, that's it: "a feeling of importancy" is officially my new catchphrase.