The Twellman Brothers: Do NOT Bum a Ride From These Guys


I just read this bit in the Boston Herald about how our Taylor and his brother (who knew there were two of 'em?) where in this crazy near-death experience in Chicago this week; the driver of a cab they were in had a heart attack as they approached an intersection and hit a wall. And just to make it all weirdski's, this isn't the first time the Twellman Brothers --which sounds like a C&W band-- have been in a crash & bang situation.

But they're both OK so I'm not too concerned about him on that front. My concern is with whatever it is he is doing in the photo in the article. Whatever it is, it just doesn't look right.


Kenobi said...

Ouch. What did TT do to the Herald's photo editors to make them hate him so much?

Justice from the Big D said...

Ha I was friends w/ TTs brother James at Stanford. Wild.