TMZ Has No Love For Alan Gordon

According to TMZ, "David Beckham didn't grab the mechanical bull by the horns -- but dude definitely appreciated the busty, jiggling ladies who did last night at the Saddle Ranch." What, no love for Alan Gordon? The only thing featured more prominently in this clip than his mug is the bull's ass. And he was the co-star of The Beckham Experiment for Christ sakes!

If awards where given out for Best Supporting Character in a Non-Fiction Book, Gordo would have won that sh*t in a rout this year. And you know what? He could even cry like Halle Barry during his acceptance speech and I wouldn't be mad at him. But it all means nothing if the paps won't acknowledge you. That's alright though; if TMZ won't believe in your celebrity Alan I will.


Lucas said...

There's only One Alan Gordon.

Nick Poleto said...

After reading that book I wanted Gordo to have his own TV show, the dude is hilarious. It could be like Rob Dyrdek's show on with soccer instead of whatever Rob does and funny.

Jason said...

If Gordon was willing to throw a few more elbows, he could easily be Charles Oakley to Beckham's Jordan.