Soccer Cat Fights: Is 2 Officially a Trend?

My brothers from another mother, Unprofessional Foul, pointed out today that this whole girlfight thing is getting well out of hand in ladies soccer at the moment. If a magical third incident occurs in the next 10 days you can be damn sure Oprah will do a show on it, Judy Foudy will have to testify before congress and Lil Jon will have a go at reigniting Brooke Valentine's "career" with a remix of "Girlfight" featuring 16 bars from Elizabeth Lambert.

For real though footie-playin' ladies of America, can we take it down a notch? It's like y'all are all trying to be the new MMA or something. And that will never work out in the long run (see G.L.O.W).


Brian said...

Lol, did you see the red player flying in there at the end of the melee?

Anonymous said...

im am officially scared....and will be watching women's soccer a tad bit more