Real Talk With Nick Rimando

If you'll pardon the double dip, allow me to re-purpose something I knocked out for MLS Insider yesterday. I got to talking to Nick Rimando for a minute and he pointed out something that I didn't think of; he basically closed out his buddy Brandon Prideaux's career with that save in the shootout (they were teammates at D.C. United).

That's something has got to be tough in a world as small as American soccer. It would seem like almost everyone would know everyone else and that could sometimes get awkward, even painful. Perhaps that's just a part of being a professional that a fan can never really understand.

The other thing that came out of that convo was that RSL lost the conference to RBNY last year and are now in the final. So place your bets now that the circle will remain unbroken and that 2010 will see Chicago in MLS Cup.

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Sterlinho said...

Your circle has a flaw in it...unless Chicago is the Wildcard seed next year.