The Most Crazyiest Soccer Story In the World, Today


From the country that brought you “Maradona, the coach”, even greater wisdom has now conceived the Plan for Argentina to Win the World Cup™: a virtual petition demanding Messi get the perm job Maradona wore to the ’86 Final. I love this; the best people's movement since the petition to bring back Family Guy when it got canceled.

This website gives both scientific (aerodynamics, mainly) and mythological (self-evident, really) explanations in the “por que?” section, as well as compelling testimonials from some dude named Rugelio who claims to have given Diego his luscious, luxurious curls back in ’85, after convincing him that blowin’ it straight just wasn’t the right look. Add a mustache and a clarinet to Messi in this rendering and you’d have the start of a great Klezmer band.

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Patrick said...

What about the Free Beer Movement (http://freebeermovement.blogspot.com)? That's a good one, too