MLS Playoffs 2009: SuperClasico Round 2

Dear JP Dellacamera,

It is impossible to wear a red shirt with a black suit and not look like a vampire.

All the best


Jared said...

dear JP Dellacamera, it is impossible to be named "JP Dellacamera" and not be a no-talent a- wait this is a family blog, so I won't add the last two consonants to that word - clown.

KCB said...


Is there a better American Soccer announcer you have in mind? Maybe you should do the matches, at least you could be no worse then Jason the producer.

Me, Here said...

Yeah, but that sort of dark burgundy looks SWEET with a gray suit.

JP needs a darker tie there. That's part of what's throwing things off, I think.

Christ, why am I discussing men's fashion on a sports blog?

SF said...

"Christ, why am I discussing men's fashion on a sports blog?"

Because this is TOR...the Details Magazine of footie blogs.

Cindy said...

vampires are like so totally in right now.