MLS Cup Recaps: ESPN's and SF's

What it is y'all? I'm back from Seattle but not back from the land of sleep deprivation so cut me some slack if I make even less sense than usual. The trip was fantastic and being that I am officially working for The Man now I got to see things from the most intimate of vantage points. Like this one for example.

That's just one of many cool things I saw out there. I also learned a lot out there as well. Here's but a sampling:

  • MLS in Seattle is such a different reality than MLS in New York and probably most other places. I wasn't even out fo the airport before I had seen 3 different signs promoting MLS Cup and/or the Sounders. Once our taxi hit downtown I was assaulted with banners hanging from a multitude of lamposts promoting the game. And when I hit the hotel...let's just say I was unsure if I was going to the Superbowl or MLS Cup.
  • James Riley runs Seattle. Dude is seriously the mayor; if he goes in the expansion draft I predict an average annual loss of $3000K to every good nightspot in town
  • Did you know there is a bar in one of the tunnels leading onto the pitch at Qwest Field? You can't see it on tv, but it's in there right under the tarp. That is where all the cool kids where kickin' it before kickoff.
  • And speaking of bars, Kells pub is divorce/compromised sobriety in a box. Any place that is capable of safely containing a combustible mix of bloggers, fans, players, coaches, ex-players, and scandalous women to a soundtrack of M.I.A, MGMT, Phoenix and T.I. is alright by me. Plus John Harkes damn near climbed the bar to lead a sing-a-long of NJ anthem "Living on a Prayer"
  • Don't believe everything you read about Stuart Holden transfer rumors. That's all I have to say.
  • Steve Davis is the nicest guy in the history of nice guys.
  • Press boxes are really, really quiet places. If games happened more often I might take to meditating or attending mass in them.
  • Someone is lying about Donovan Ricketts' height. There is no way he is only 6' 4".
  • I should drink whiskey or beer. I should not drink whiskey AND beer.


Sterlinho said...

Kells...good times.

Mike said...

Steve Davis IS the nicest guy in the history of nice guys.

Thanks for everything, by the way.

stevesteve said...

Hey Shawn, I met you at the supporters summit and kells saturday night. you tried on my big ass glasses. anyway, good times were had at kells. i also saw mr harkes dancing like a maniac to BEP 's "I've Got a Feeling" haha

oh danny boy said...

Been to Kell's a lot, but this was by far the most amazing of all nights. Epic.

SF said...


Yo Dude! I gotta get that picture that your boy took of me in those things. So fresh.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Despite your new insider gig, you truly are a man of the people, SF. And for that, we love you.

stevesteve said...

hey man i asked him to send me that picture, but he said its not in his camera. must have been been so drunk that he thought he pushed the button but he didn't. ah well next time! let me know if you're ever in LA.

dutchtwista said...

not buying your bait about Holden at all SF. One small downside of you becoming a house cat is that we now have to ask ourselves, is SF telling us the truth or Don Garber's version? In this case, the answer is clearly the latter. Hope this doesn't become a trend...

SF said...


Now that I am employed with The Corporation there are certainly things that I won't say here, but I won't lie to you either.

As for Holden, I can assure you The Don has bigger things to concern himself with than what Stuart and I talk about in pub one night (I'm not saying he's is or isn't leaving, I just suggest not believing all that you may have read about where he may go if he does leave.