The Metro/Red Bulls Giants Stadium Best-Of Mixtape

For as bad a stadium as The Swamp could be, Giants Stadium was the backdrop for a few of the most outlandish goals you'll ever see. Mathis' marathon goal against Dallas, Woly's infamous upper 90 banger, and Youri Djorkaeff and Juan Pablo Angel's zero-angle game-winners were all set in that soccer purgatory in East Rutherford. Relive those and a few more memories in the clip above. And once that's done erase that place in your mind forever and never, ever, ever go back there again because the next time you see the New York franchise hit the field it will be this one.


Anonymous said...

What was that very first clip? some weird version of a shootout? ive never seen that before

Brian said...

^ Lol the classic days of the hockey style overtime penalty shoot-out.

Thank God, MLS realized they need to drop down the Americanization of the game a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Beats the current method of penalty kicks. At least with the Shootout the GK has a better chance of actually stopping a shot.