Like Strip Club Ads and Sports Scores, Beckham & Donovon Are On the Same Page

You may have recently read that Bruce Arena received the award for Coach of the Year for rescuing the LA Galaxy from the depths of the last few seasons all the way to the Western Conference final. The most high-profile part of his salvage job was the healing of the San Andreas Fault-sized rift between Lando & Becks. So how healed is that relationship these days? In only a few months time it's gone from Falcon Crest-esque drama to dudes being so in-pocket with one another that Becks blames no one in the organization for The Great Soccer Beef of Summer 09 and Landon is so damned mature about it that he can say that they were both maybe a little in the wrong.

All I can say is A) it really does seem like the dramz is over so I guess it's officially time to move on and B) Bruce Arena needs to get a Noble Peace Prize or a gig as Secretary General of the United Nations for this one.


Stan said...

Reading his book, it seemed to me that Grant Wahl was the person with the biggest issue. Both Donovan and Beckham have been in teams long enough to know that sh*t happens. I'm sure Bruce is a great guy, and the simple fact that he played the thing down was great, but I'm not sure that was his greatest or most difficult effort this season. He built a tremendous back line and balanced a team with very little money and less confidence -- and made it work fast.

Kaiser said...

Give Il Bruce the Nobel Peace Prize...it would certainly be more deserved than Obama's, cause Arena actually did something.