Bryan James Is A S.O.B.


The first time I ever heard of Bryan James was at the Superdraft in Bodymore, Murderland about 2 years ago. Dude was down there with his merry men from Philadelphia and were stuck in amongst the rest of the supporters groups. The thing was though they didn't even have a team yet but that didn't stop them from singing, hollering and carrying on with the rest of us zealots. It was a little odd but you had to respect the passion.

Fast forward to 2010 and he not only has a team, but he and his boys played a role so key in it's acquisition that I just might start calling him "Kwikset". The Original Winger has a post penned by James that you should check out if you get the time. As a fan it's pretty awesome to see another regular guy go all out and make an impact on the U.S. Soccer scene, but on a bare & human level it's just inspiring when some gets a dream realised.

(Cue "Don't Stop Believing".)

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