Blogs I Would Like To Co-Sign On

Good morning all. I'd like to take a moment to shine a little light on a couple of other sites that I have been meaning to shout out for quite some time. If you have the time and inclination I suggest you visit the following:

First and foremest is No Clean Sheets by a multi-talented kid out of Dallas named Ed Sherrell. He hasn't updated in a few weeks so I don't know if I waited entirely too long on this one but if so the archives are still certainly entertaining. Read this post about talking to his priest about the difference between a Jheri Curl & an S-Curl over tequila and cheese grits. Twisted, imaginative stuff...love it.

If you like all that foreign & international soccer stuff that is so popular with the kids these days, check out Richard Farley's World Soccer Digest. A new blog on the block, it's good place to stop for a regular dose of what's going on in soccer outside our borders (i.e. in Europe because no one ever seems to give C. America, S. America, Asia, Africa, Australia much attention, in English at least, but then again it doesn't seem like too many people who speak English care).

JimmyConrad.com is technically more of a full-on website than a blog but it has a blog in there somewhere. If you want a good laugh courtesy of the clown prince of MLS & his merry men, a good bookmarking of this address is in order. There is also the added bonus of the opportunity to purchase Jimmy Dean sausage parody stickers & apparel.


Jamie said...

I love Jimmy Conrad. But here is the blog I would like to co-sign on: http://shoegazeralive2.blogspot.com/

Jrodius said...
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Jrodius said...

Farley is good stuff. He also writes for World Soccer Reader and runs his own couple of soccer podcasts including Inside The Six.

Definitely someone people should check out.

DTopp said...

Agreed. Farley deserves a look, talented writer and good podcast host.