About That Brian Ching Goal

I spent yesterday morning/early afternoon with my missus & our offspring taking in the rare 70+ degree November day at Coney Island; we hit the aquarium, at funnel cake, listened to a random psycho-surf blues band, decided to learn Russian (Coney Island is Mini-Moscow) and watched crazy people swim in what is essentially the ass-end of New York harbour. It was good times for sure; a perfect, unique and unrepeatable New York day that can only be made from the sum of all these small things and more.

Chingy's OMFGoal against Seattle yesterday was exactly the same. Something great, glorious and unique that, try as you might, can never ever, ever be repeated again. It was a moment in time that will live on in the minds of Dynamo fans for an age but just like your most scandalous one-off, late-night hookup it should only live in your mind because some good things are best when not repeated.

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Martek said...

It happened right in front of me SF, and by the lack of reaction on Keller's face it took me a sec to even realize what had happened!

If you check the highlights page on the Dynamo site, you get the Telefutura call ("QUE GOLAZO!!") and then the Dynamo radio call, with James Clarkson yelling so loud I think it knocked them off the air for a second or two.

My voice I know still hasn't recovered. I rank it behind the Dallas playoff game two years ago (because, hey, it was Dallas we punked), but not that far behind.