Video: Viva Futbol #41

The all-out king of bootleg footie mixtapes, Alarazboy, is back with Viva Futbol #41. I knew I hadn't seen anything by him on Vimeo in a minute but our man from Chris from Columbus.TheOffside.com pointed out to me this morning that dude's rocking his own Youtube channel now so he's not dead, he just moved house.

And as per usual the house is rocking; this time the symphony of step-overs, drags and nutmegs moves to the sound of Common & Pharrell's planet rocker "Universal Mind Control". "Planet rocker"...see, see what I did there?


Anonymous said...

If that doesn't explain to people why this is the greatest game in the world, nothing will

Mingo said...

God DAMN that was sick!

MelH said...

good stuff. Only complaint? Not Enough Zidane