Video: Trailer for I Speak Soccer

I speak soccer and if you read this blog you're probably fluent as in the international language of the pickup game. Filmmaker Terry Kegel speaks soccer as well and has created a cool little documentary of the same. If you are in the Seattle-Tacoma area you can catch a screening of this at the Grand Cinema on Sunday at 2pm as part of the Tacoma Film Festival. I won't be there due to living on the opposite end of the country and all but you should go in my absence. You can even tell them that SF sent you...but the only thing that will get you is a quizzical look so maybe you'll want to hold back on all that name-dropping.


Jeff said...

whatever happened to those three kids..from Duke I think...2 guys and a girl that went around the world playing soccer? Anyone remember what that was call?

Sierra said...


Jeff said...

sweet thanks