Video: Red Bull Arena Seat Selection

Here's a video of a couple of Brooklyn boys breaking one of my cardinal rules for New York area-living: never cross two rivers in one trip. If you have to go from the BK to The Dirty Jersey make a pit stop in the city for a drink, a meal or anything to break up the trip. I find that it makes the journey less epic. But considering the odyssey it was to get Red Bull Arena though maybe an epic quest or two is definitely in order.

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Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Ha. Well, Patient Boy and I did the trip to select our seats and it was 50 minutes door-to-door from our Brooklyn hood. We did contemplate a stop to drink in Manhattan ... somewhere cool, you know, like The Patriot ... but we settled on drinking back in Brooklyn.

So much better than the ordeal of getting out to the Meadowlands. Now let's see if they actually get any of those bars constructed between the Harrison station and the stadium.