Video: Jozy Altidore on First Take

Here's Jozy Altidore's clip from ESPN's First Take this morning. Do you think he has a real chance at wrestling Honda Player of the Year from Timmy or Lando?


Clyde said...

Timmy or Lando? HAH anybody except Timmy Howard would be lucky to get that award.

Tim-Timminy Tim-Timminy
Tim-Teroo Tim-Teroo
We've got Tim Howard
and he says f*ck you!

Anonymous said...

Jozy looks really down in this. He must have just heard about Charlie as he seems to be wearing it on his face.

Eric Duany said...

I think Landon deserves it, without him we have no offense, the amount of assists, and goals he has provided have been unreal. I have always been a harsh critic, but he is playing lights out right now, and really becoming a leader.

And I don't think Jozy had heard yet because on his twitter he didn't mention anything till 3, and this was filmed around 12 ish, so I could be wrong, but I don't think he knew at that point.