Video: Fahrenheit 2010 Trailer

World Cup 2010 gets the expose-esque documentary treatment from South African filmmaker Craig Tanner and Levitation Films. It already caused a bit of a stir at the Durban International Film Festival and looks to repeat the trick worldwide upon it's release (date TBD).

According to the filmmakers "Fahrenheit 2010 cuts through the hype, with an uncompromising examination of what the World Cup means for South Africans themselves - in particular, who actually stands to benefit from the diversion of millions of dollars to build 21st century sports arenas in a country in which, 15 years after throwing off apartheid’s yoke, millions live in shacks and have no access to water – a South Africa where life expectancy has plummeted to below that of Ethiopia."

With a description like that this could really go either way: it could be a revelation like Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me or a waste of time like Jan Paul Oller's paranoid and poorly-executed attempt at a World Cup '94 expose, The Cup of Death. Doesn't matter though as the footie geek in me won't let me not see it; soccer, it's just like Britney said in that one song...I'm a slaaaaaaave for you.


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