Video: Drew Carey on Fox Business Channel

It's the final week of the season and Sir Drew is still out there spreading the gospel like it was week one. You don't have to love the Sounders but you've gotta love his passion.


Anonymous said...

LOL man that interviewer is clueless

Mr. Fish said...

We're doubling the viewership of FBN with the clip. I keed! I keed! Not really.

Lucas said...

Fox and the sounders on the same screen?


Anonymous said...

Lucas... You're a twat.

Finnegan said...

Fox "News" and the Sounders are a pair made in heaven. Both are plastic fake enterprises with no soul.

Anonymously Awesome said...


"What's different about the MSL?"


Anonymous said...

Good to see. I'm an avid FNC and FBC watcher and I have to say this is one of several pieces both stations has done on MLS.

The WSJ (which I also read and owned by Murdoch) has also done several quality pieces on MLS.

I'd say Fox does more to bring MLS to light than the other "news" channels.

Lindy said...

great exposure for MLS.

Go soccer in the USA!

Go Fire!