USL Final To Be the Biggest Thing Since SCTV


Can you beleive it? The low-seeded Montreal Impact is in the USL final while Portland, who dominated for much of the 2009 season, are already planning thier trips to see the fall folliage? It's madness I tell you but I guess them's the breaks.

Canucks should be stoked though, what with an all-maple final on the way. Judging by the interest the Nutrilite Canadian Championships recieved, the footie-loving portion of America's hat may be out in numbers not seen since the Impact's swashbuckling ride to Olympic Stadium not too long ago.

The physical distance between these two for a two-legged series is completely insane though. If you're a fan of either side this might be a good excuse to cash in those frequent flier miles (assuming Air Canada have a direct flight between the two?)


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who will be the last ever USL champion?