USA TODAY: Red Bull Arena "to be MLS Crown Jewel"


They used to always say that the Home Depot Center was the jewel of Major League Soccer. I guess sh*t done changed...or it will in March 2010 at least. To be fair though I think they are two different animals that are each worthy of being a "diamond girl" in their own way and don't really lend themselves to a side-by-side comparison.

RBA is going to be a soccer stadium first and foremost --with other events thrown in the mix on occasion-- and one that is located in a part of the country that often experiences an atmospheric condition rarely seen in Los Angeles: precipitation. The HDC on the other hand is an athletics & entertainment center that is the sporting equivalent of one of those outdoor malls in SoCal that always have a P.F. Changs; attractive, airy and unintimidating.

As for which is actually better, I have my preferences but I honestly think they are both perfect for their market; the open, sun-drenched concourses, patios and grassy knolls of the HDC just wouldn't work in North Jersey and a lot of Californians probably gasp audibly at the thought of the close-quartered (some might say claustrophobic) confines of Harrison. To each his own I guess.

Photo courtesy of Goddamn.


Edellaine said...

But will that stadium ever see a NY team worthy of playing in it? Looking at past history, not likely.

Brian said...

LA Galaxy fan here, I agree that RBA is going to be the crown jewel of the MLS and probably will be for sometime. KC's and San Jose's stadiums (if and when they get them) will probably be cookie cutter and very basic.

I hope Red Bull gets their shit together and starts hiring/firing/signing people just for the sake of league. I'm really rooting for New York to put out a good product when they open that stadium.

sublicon said...

Edallaine: Shh. Just watch.

SF: why are you being nice? RBA is the best, hooray. End of story!

Lucas said...

PGE Park.