Trendwatch: Publishing the Question "Should Jeff Cunningham Be Capped?"


This week everyone is asking if Jeff Cunningham, one of the most polarizing figures in Major League Soccer, should be capped. Anyone and everyone who's even vaguely familiar with Wordpress, Blogspot or Typad has posed the question and asking it is officially now more popular than wearing Crocs.

The Washington Times has done the best job so far of summing up the situation as it stands and paints a picture of the striker-as-Rodney Dangerfield (he gets no respect). So therefore I will not ask the question because really, what do I have to add to the discussion since he hasn't had a troll doll haircut in some time.


Anonymous said...

Great Post.

Yes, 36 games, 21 goals for FC dallas. Hes 33, this is his last chance but he still has pace and is a veteran who can be huge for us because to be honest, Charlie Davies isn't ready for the World Cup. I really have been hopeing Bradley would give this guy a chance for the last 2 years. He has 10 caps for the US and has not scored a goal, but he really has yet to play with the first team. If anyone deserves a cap, its Jeff.

Sterlinho said...

I would have had Jeff on my 2006 World Cup roster. You can't coach speed.

Anonymous said...

Here's where the Times misses the point:

"He has been inconsistent at times and has been called selfish - but what striker isn't?"


No, man, they mean actually selfish. . . *AS A PERSON*. It's not that he won't pass (he does it about as much as most who play the position), it's that if he doesn't get the looks he wants, he'll quit/pout/cause a distraction. When he plays for 90 minutes and only gets two looks (which is how it often works at high level NT play), he'll woof the ones he gets.

He's talented, no doubt, but there isn't a striker around less likely to be capable of handling the role he'd get with the NT.

Brian said...

"Charlie Davies isn't ready for the World Cup"

What the eff are you talking about? Who scored against Mexico in the Azteca? Who is our only striker getting consistent minutes in a top league? Yeah, Charlie Davies that's who.

Back to Cunningham though. Dude is on an absolute tear right now. I think he's deserving of a call up. Maybe for one of these winter friendlies. He's got good speed and is a helluva finisher. I'd much rather have him be called up than Conor Casey, FrankenCooper, or Robbie Findley.