The TOR Goal of the Week: Canuckistan Edition

This was my favorite goal of the week in any league. Montreal dominated Vancouver at home in the USL Championship on Saturday and this goal from Joey Gjertsen was the one that just killed. His finishing was certainly on-point but respect has to go out to Roberto Brown --yes, that Roberto Brown-- for the outrageous assist because that sh*t was just ridonk.

Anyway congratulations to Montreal for winning thier third USL title. And if you want to see the rest of the highlights go here. If not, and you would prefer to see a short documentary on "the most ridiculous place in the United States" go here.*

*Yes, this is now officially the first Choose Your Own Adventure blog. Sorry.


Jon said...

was at the usl championships last year when vancouver won it in vancouver. great time...lovin't the choose your own adventure. what is the most ridiculous place in america? bout to find that ish out.

Jon said...

holy shit

pablo said...

Fantastic assist!

CDavisEllerton said...

Yes that assist was just ridonk. Cheeky cheeky Roberto Brown.