Stadium P0rn: Inside Red Bull Arena with Extra Time

Gregan'em (pronounced like the Southernism "Momma'nem"*) take the show on the road to Harrison for the laying of the final piece of sodding sod. They're also joined by special guests Tab Ramos & Ritchie Williams to talk stadia, New Jersey stuff and playoffs. They also prove that --standing next to Ramos & Williams they are the tallest team of pundits in the American soccersphere.

* Momma'nem
Part of Speech:
[Mah′muh′ nem]
a. Your momma - Your mother.
b. (and) them - everybody related to you; everybody related to your mother; any person closely associated with your mother; any neighbor of your mother within 5 blocks; anybody that attends your mother's church; anybody your mother knew from back in the day; anybody who is at the mall, a pancake breakfast or a Teddy Pendergrass concert with your mother.
Usage: Q: "You seen Craig?" A: "Naw dude. He went with Momma' nem to go pick up Pookie from work."

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Cindy said...

b-e-a-utiful! also i want to put Richie Williams in my pocket.... and also coach my dang team!