Sacha Kljestan: Inspiring Hip Hop Since 2006


Like Jack Spade said in I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, every good hero needs some theme music. So if Sacha is going to be a playoff hero for Chivas USA this weekend he better get used to a soundtrack following him around like a 16-bar shadow. But he doesn't get KRS-One (not even Thierry Henry gets KRS-One), he gets SoCal rapper Silentarmy; he just dropped a few SK16-inspired verses ahead of this weekend's playoff match with the help of some lo-fi production by Myself&Eye. It slays Djorkaeff's joint from a few years back but it can't touch the "Scenario" of soccer-hop, "Don't Tread".

And if you still need a little more Sacha in your life check out his interview at CO-ED Magazine (spotted at The Original Winger).


Martin said...

I found Sachas rap song here http://bit.ly/24R84g... Its better than I thought...

Anonymous said...

Dude likes it up the butt.