A Random Portland Video

Busy day today so things might be scarce for the rest of the afternoon. Sorry, but all this work is getting in the way of my play.

This video doesn't really have anything to do with anything other than I thought it was kinda nice looking and it was never actually used by the Timbers so it's something like a lost track. Except this won't end up on any box set, just a few blogs.


paulsepp said...

Cool little video, anyone know the song?

Hermes said...

do you know you shot the vid? Wher'd you get it? nice.

SF said...

This guy...


Jonathan said...

This video looks like a sales promo to attract sponsors. Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I don't really see the appeal of Portland to sponsors. This is by far the most glaring weakness of a Portland MLS team. I think they would rank last in sponsorship appeal, even behind teams like FC Dallas who have low attendance. At least Dallas is a large metro area and they have an important youth tournament attached to their stadium complex which is sponsored by Pizza Hut. All Portland has to offer is a fan club who are decidedly positioned as "anti-corporate" and will probably deride any type of sponsorship. Lots of negative baggage there.

mark said...

This is a video pitch for LOCAL sponsors. PDX has enough companies to handle the major sponsorships without appealing outside the state. Off the top of my head:

-- adidas America
-- Nike
-- Intel
-- Solarworld (already jersey sponsors for the PDL Timbers)
-- Vestas
-- Widmer