NSR: Vampire Weekend "Cousins"

There is not a bloodsucker in sight but it is the weekend and this is getting heavy iPhone rotation at the moment. I feel like it's a bit early to be two singles-deep into Contra since it doesn't drop until January but I'm not going to sweat it as Adam, Gabe and the other guys at their label, Beggars, always have a plan...so this is part of the plan, right?

Two months can be a long time particularly if you're wrongly incarcerated, unwillingly celibate or if you are talking about blog-rock; 2 months can mean burn out or burning up the charts depending on how you play it. I just hope the new stuff isn't played out before the album is out. But that's all some future sh*t I can't be bothered with right now because right now I have a tailgate to get to!

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