NSR: U2 To Broadcast Rose Bowl Show For Free

Remember when a big, live concert broadcast was solely the domain of HBO and MTV? To quote Biggy, "things done changed".

This Sunday night U2 will broadcast their show at Pasadena's Rose Bowl live and for free on Youtube so if you didn't have the duckets, desire or luck to score tickets to the 360 Tour this is your chance to "watch through the fence" so to speak. I know the new album kinda blows but this is an event. That and they may play "I Will Follow".

I think this might be my excuse to buy that Apple TV thingy so I can watch this on the big screen. That or finally put the PS3's Youtube function to good use.

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Anonymous said...

I caught the 360 tour live in Dublin because I happened to be traveling through that town with a huge fan. For my money, being at that show live is kind of a waste because what happened on the screen was so enthralling and well produced. Coulda bought the DVD and skipped openers.

Of course, I had a way better time watching Donegal beat Galway at the GAA game we went to, so maybe I'm a bad test.