NSR: The Return of V

Oh sh*t y'all! It's penutbutterjellytime over at ABC; they are bringing back the classic 80's sci-fi series V and I am as stoked as a hippie at a Birkenstock outlet. I loved this show when I was a kid. Remember the alien baby? What about those red leather outfits that made everyone look like they where Thriller-era MJ or Raw-era Eddie Murphy? And the greatest reveal of all time...Diana eating the guinea pig?!

I think I should start a letter-writing campaign demanding that someone eat a rodent in the new show. But this isn't the 80's so they have to up the game a bit and go with a larger rodent, an Indian rat or a groundhog perhaps; if these aliens are going to front like they are contemporary Americans they need to have an outsized appetite to match if this is going to be believeable.


gpullis said...

This is a very good idea that could go very wrong. The original was brilliant, so I'm holding out hope. Plus Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin are in it and I'm always willing to support them being gainfully employed.

b00zeNYC said...

Tighter than Shakira's nana!! I couldn't stop watching this as a kid, agree with gpullis that any # of things they may take creative liberty with could go wrong. But that sneak peak looks appetizing thus far, bring it on already.

Alan said...

It's the original show for me. Can't get behind this remake. You can't beat eating a guinea pig and Marc Singer.