NSR: NIN x Gary Numan

Forget for a minute how played "Cars" is, that Gary Numan is 51 years old & wearing black nail polish and that Trent Reznor's sweaty ass is probably only one drip into his keyboard away from electrocuting himself on stage. What I'm feeling from this is the roving on-stage camera; it almost makes you feel like you are part of the band except for the fact that you won't get a check or a groupie for watching this.

I'd like to see ESPN adapt this idea for soccer coverage and maybe stick a tiny helmet-cam on the refs. It will never happen but it would result in some unique, up-close footage; it could also give an insight as to how a ref saw a controversial call. Somehow I just don't think Sepp Blatter would ever let this happen though.


Guy Gayle said...

Oh, hell yeah!

Anonymous said...

They should at least put camera's on the post and crossbars. They could even be mini-cams so they don't ge tin the way.