NSR: Miami Horror's "Sometimes"

Miami Horror: doing New Order better than New Order has since Technique.


Memo Murder said...

Too bad The Killers won't make an album like this.

Guy Gayle said...

I think New Order should sue. It sounds like a tribute song. :)

Jamie said...

C'mon! 'Republic' was a really good album!

But yeah, this is really good stuff. This is going on my Fall Mix between Washed Out's "Belong" and Sound Of Arrows' "Into The Clouds". Great music pick, as always.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Wow. You're right. They should sue. Christ, that's a complete rip-off ... but pretty good.

Though New Order didn't sound like "Technique"-era NO at the end, "Waiting For the Siren's Call" was actually a very good record, IMO.