NSR: Kanye West's "We Were Once a Fairy Tale"

So this is Kanye West's idea of laying low: a vaguely NSFW 11-minute short film directed by Spike Jones starring an inebriated Mr. West on a bottle-service binge that ends in multiple stabbings, both human & animal alike.

Huh. Stereogum says it's basically his "The Wrestler" and I could kinda buy that. But for a dude as, well as Kanye as Kanye is, this could also just be his Tuesday.


SCNewJersey said...

what the fuck did you just show to me, S.F?!? I'm not sleeping tonight...

Steve said...

That was an amazingly bizarre little trip. Very interesting, and I'll have to watch it a couple more times to understand certain parts.

Spike Jonze is the man.