LA v. Chivas: The ESPN Preview

America are you ready for the buckwildness* that will be the playoff editions of the SuperClasico aka The Battle of Los Angeles#? For me this match up has got to be one of the highlights of the 2009 playoffs. I'm not a butcher but I do know this much: beef tastes better in October. JP & Johnny know it too and drop a little science on how it might all go down.

*not a real word.
#you ever heard about the real Battle of Los Angeles? Crazyness. Aliens are real y'all and they want In-N-Out Burger just like everyone else.


Mingo said...

"beef tastes better in October."
That good sir is the truth.

Anonymous said...

I know it sounds all EuroSnob-ish - and trust me, I'm not a EuroSnob, but I really wish they would replace these two with British announcers. Andy Gray/Adrian Healy type thing. While JP is ok, I can't stand Harkes voice or his comments.

It's not that I don't want Americans announcing - I do - but they just have a lot less skill then their foreign counterparts...one day they will get better.

Besides, with British voices Joe Six Pack would think the games more legit.

Anonymous said...

The point to my Joe Six Pack argument is that more casual viewers would watch the game, or at least diss it less.