LA Galaxy Sign on For European Vacation, Chevy Chase Unconfirmed


Foreign fans rejoice! The 2009 leg of the Bucks for Becks World Tour™ is on. Having already run through Australia, Asia and Canada in off-seasons past, the Galaxy are spending this Thanksgiving in Europe...kind of like that rich kid you went to school with who always rocked Lacoste and had cool parents who would let him have wine at dinner.

The fun starts in Kaiserslautern and were it goes from there is anyone's guess. Maybe just for the sake of being ironic they will play a match in the Frankfurt Galaxy's old stadium. That or Torsten Frigs front lawn (sorry, but I'll never forget or forgive him for 2002).


Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

Mr. Donovan bought a one-way ticket.

Brian said...

If the Galaxy make the MLS Cup Final, Landon is going to be either one busy boy, or I don't see him playing in the friendly against Denmark on November 18th.

geoffersen said...

I'm so with you about Herr Handball. That moment haunts me and I'm glad I'm not alone.

Brian said...

I'm guessing you've never seen the "Sweet Jesus, I hate Torsten Frings and the Jerrys Post"


US Soccer Fan said...

Guys, guys, guys...your hate is completely misguided. It should be directed entirely at the scottish piece of shite Hugh Dallas, the crap referee who refused to call Frings for the handball that will haunt us until the day we wear a star of our kit.

So here's to Hugh, may you rot in hell.