In Case You Missed It: The Maradona Press Conference

The clip above is from Diego Maradona's presser following Argentina's WCQ victory on Wednesday night. To say he was more than a bit smug with regard to his side's qualification is something of an understatement. For those of us that don't speak Spanish, let me provide you with a translation courtesy of my guy JP.

"To those who didn’t believe, with apologies to the ladies: they can suck it. They can keep sucking it. I’m either black or white – I’ll never be gray in my life. Eh? You people who treated me like you did? Keep licking it. Now, next question?"

Incredible. This is classic Diego at his mental, ballsy best. Or worse when you really think about it. Needless to say that hot coach-talk of this caliber is as rare as a Red Bull road win and the suction-centric portion of the comment it is gaining cult status --there's already a T-shirt for Christ sakes-- at an alarming rate. But the big question is this: is it the most-watchable coach's conference since the Dennis Green post-game meltdown?


Lindy said...

he's a fat fuck who could find his cock if he tried. So how can anyone suck it?reseconr

Anonymous said...

The translation is perfect. 100% Argentino, native here.
He was an ENORMOUS player. Godly.
But he shouldn't be DTing.
He lost it.. he spent a REALLY bad time growing up in places worse than ghettos. Very poor & dangerous ones.

Won it all lost it all (well, actually they've taken everything from him, he doesn't even have elementary school), recovered drug addict.. what can you expect from him ? Politeness? not a chance.. he is what he is. An INCREBILE player. Period.

Anonymous said...

he is a piece of shit period!

Anonymous said...

he is a motherfucker..albeit it a funny motherfucker

James said...

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