Holden, DeRo Up For a Major Award (Cue A Christmas Story Joke)


For those of you out there wondering what exactly "dookie rope" is or isn't, please allow me to clarify. This is not a dookie rope, it is just a common chain painted gold. This on the other hand is a classic dookie rope chain. Note the tell-tale twisted flow of the rope; so gangsta.

Now, about that award then. The Jefferson Awards have nothing to do with George & Weezy and everything to do with public service and basically being a lot classier than most people when it comes to giving back to the community. They're kind of a big deal and this year Dwayne De Rosario and Stuart Holden have been nominated for the prestigious Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service by an Athlete alongside Steve "I Heart Soccer" Nash & Venus Williams.

The nomination recognizes their dedication to their local communities and passion for international causes. It's good stuff all-around really. And to be clear "international causes" does NOT mean World Cup qualification although I'm sure they're both pretty passionate about that as well.

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