Hey Aretha, Can Conor Casey Borrow a Wee Bit of Your R.E.S.P.E.C.T?


Event though Conor Casey only one goal behind Jeff "The Jet" Cunningham and scored a brace at Honduras he's still gets no love. It's kind of a shame but since, according the vaunted Reagan-era pop artist & relationship expert Patricia Benatar, "love is a battlefield" I guess that's not all bad. Greg Lalas explores this phenomenon and watches U.S. player stock like his name was E.F. Hutton at SI.com today. Read it; it's what Columbus would have wanted.


Mark said...

I think part of it is that he DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A FOOTIE PLAYER. He looks like the bouncer from the club you stopped going to when you turned 21 for realz.

Brian said...

I'll admit I have been a Conor Casey hater. I saw absolutely nothing from him in the Confederations Cup. I'll give credit when credit is due, and he most certainly deserves it for his performance against Honduras. I like what he brings to the table more than Kenny Cooper and he's a better scorer than Brian Ching. Still does anyone think that we will do anything come this summer if Casey is starting? I really hope Jozy starts to get some more playing time at Hull City, cuz we're surely gonna need him in South Africa.

EricJ said...

Ill give him props for the goals in Honduras, of course,but come on now. How many of those MLS goals are penalty shots?...not impressive.