Get Friendly: Yanks vs. Danes in November


Is there is no rest for the World Cup-bound? In addition to tomorrow night's qualifier finale against Costa Rica, the Yanks will march on to Aarhus in November for a friendly versus Denmark on the 18th. There is also talk of matches in the spring against the Dutch and the English...to which I say "bring it".

By the way the photo above is from a match between the U.S. and Denmark back in 1917 that U.S. supposedly won. I can't confirm it though as the records from that time period are a bit sketchy (although it is known that they drew with Norway and defeated Sweden in Europe in the fall of that year so it's entirely possible). But if you choose to believe you can order a framed print of this from Amazon.com; it'll look great in your den next to the Cathy Ireland cutout.

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AEK Baltimore said...

Yo, what is blazer boy doing there next to the goal? Is that a fourth or fifth official?