FIFA 10 Tour Bringing Hi Def Gaming, Marital Stress Nationwide


EA Sports is not content to let you find FIFA 10; FIFA 10 is out to find you. And by find you I mean they are send a pair of tricked out trucks with 13 TV/PS3 set ups around the country to tempt you in joining the cult. At each stop they'll let you play the game and throw some swag and prizes your way, including the chance to win that new PSP.

Want to know more? Hit 'em 0n the book of faces for dates, locations, videos etc. Don't blame them though if you f*ck around and show up late for work, anniversary dinner or some other thing you were supposed to be at because you were trying (in vain) to come back from being 2 goals down at Old Trafford; in this case only I'd say don't hate the game, hate the player.

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Anonymous said...

I have been late for work, school, an anniversary, several birthday parties, and a flight trying to come back from goal deficits on that damn game.

I swear I never lose unless I only have time to play one more match...