Feilhaber's 09 Is Like Waaaaaaay Better Than His 08


They say Benny Feilhaber is having a breakout year for both club & country. Who's they you say? SBI. As I have no idea what the hell he's doing in Denmark --and let's be honest here, without actually seeing his games on TV who does-- I'll just take their word for it. As for his performance with the nats I'd say he has been quite good but not standout to me; I think if I were "Blue Eyes" Bradley I would start Stu Holden ahead of him in Dempsey absence and maybe bring him in off the bench late tomorrow night.

Sorry. I just realized that no one asked me what I thought and I just drifted into "random blogger who has no more access or knowledge than anyone else but still feels the need to give analysis like he's Bobby McMahon or something-mode". My bad.

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Gary said...

As long as its Bobby McMahon and not Tommy Smyth.