Everybody Loves Holden

Stew "The Brew" Holden was all up on Fox Football Fone-In this week and Nicky Webster pointed out that Stuart is striking the ball in a manner that he describes as Beckham-esque. Also Waldo said that he thinks this is Stuart's year and he told him so on Facebook.

(Pause for internal analysis of that last sentence and what it says about where we are as a society and how the nature of person-to-person communication has changed.)

Whether it is his year or not is up for debate --I'd say it's been a good one for him for sure-- but what's for certain is that this is the last year of his MLS contract. If Houston doesn't get him locked up for another four years you can bet your sweet Arsenal that the kid will have at least a couple of European clubs sweating him like he was brisket at a BBQ.

That's part one. Part two touches on Chuck D. & MLS players in World Cup 2010 and features Temyrss looking hot like fire; that woman is just gorgeous.

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Demko said...

Waldo was undoubtedly drunk when he left that Facebook comment.