Debacle! Canadian Teams Out of USL 1


Now here's something interesting. United Soccer League's CEO Nick Papadakis told a Canadian radio station that "the negotiations are finished" and Vancouver and Montreal are out of the league for 2010. Neither club has issued a statement though so perhaps this is just a hardball tactic on the part of the honchos at USL 1.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out though, particularly how the departure of these 2 clubs would effect the Nutrilite Canadian Championship and CONCACAF Champions League qualification next year. I have 5 bucks & a Badonkadonk Land Cruiser that says that Montreal plays somehow, some way, in some league next year; no way that brand-new stadium of theirs goes vacant so soon.


Super Rookie said...

Thanks for covering some of USL.

Sadly, this stuff gets burried on Ives and junk.

Just sayin'

WonsanUnited said...

Hmmmmm, Canadian Soccer League?

Brian said...

Not a huge deal for Vancover, since they'll be joining MLS pretty soon, but this would be disastrous for Montreal.

What is all this MLS 2 launching next year talk? Next year? Yeah right.

Fish said...

A lot of USL-1 clubs haven't signed on, including relatively big clubs like Carolina and I think Rochester. There has been talk of a "breakaway" league forming but I haven't followed it too closely.

ERic said...

The TOA members are: Carolina, Minnesota, Miami, Vancouver, Montreal, Tampa Bay (originally signed on with USL1 for 2010), and potentially St. Louis (Cooper) and Atlanta (Silverbacks).

The remaining USL1 teams: Charleston, Rochester, Portland, Austin, Cleveland, Puerto Rico, NY (2010).

The MLS2 is commentary from the original reporter, and I don't think anyone anywhere has heard anything reliable. AFIAC it's all in the drug addled minds of pro/rel fanatics.

And all is not entirely done between Vancouver and Montreal and the USL. A report from Lenarduzzi today said they're still talking while working on creating a new league. And the USL clarified that the negotiations are done between the USL and the TOA, but they're still talking to individual teams.

Nevertheless, what a mess.

andrewrawn said...

Just read this on a TSN thread.

I just want to say how glad I was to see comments by Pompey8, “…how about re-establishing the CSL”, and DPAPA04, “I'd love to see is a Canadian professional soccer league. We are one of the only developed countries in the world that does not have one. If there was any time to start one, now would be it.” Developing a professional league only makes sense if it leads Canada back to the World Cup. Every four years, it’s like the world has a big party and we are not invited. The last time, the only time, we made it there was Mexico 1986 and why haven’t we been back since. Somebody took a wonderful idea, the Canadian Soccer League, and killed it preferring to be an appendage to an American league. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the Americans have made it to the World Cup ever since, not Canada despite having a historical advantage, because they have developed a national league. Notice the development of the game in Japan and their rise on the world scene because they developed the J-League. Canada having three teams just won’t cut it in developing a comprehensive national development programme and believe me that’s all we will ever get in an American context. Twelve teams (had fourteen at the pinnicle) in a resurrected CSL will go a long long way in getting us back to the World Cup. It’s an easy equation. No Canadian professional league, no World Cup participation.