"Caller Number 9, You're on With Don Garber"


Do you have a question for The Don? Do you also have a desire to have your voice heard on live television? Yes? OK. Then read and remember this. I will not be calling in but instead I will be on my couch with a bottle of Glenmorangie taking a drink every time a caller mentions single table, changing the schedule, expansion, raising the salary cap and "saving MLS".


zune said...

9? Caller #9

Really SF? Really?

Too soon.

Super Rookie said...

"Yo, commish, tell me the truth, how much do you really miss Wynalda on ESPN?"

Anonymous said...

FSC must have convinced him it's safe to go on the show now that cohen isn't on anymore. Wynalda is a douche and contributes nothing to the program other than "i think the team looked good," "the refs are terrible", and "when i played in Germnay..."