5 Burning Questions: Playoff Edition

Harkesy's putting his money on Seattle or LA to win the whole shebang-a-bang. I'm not sure that one of them will win it but I could definitely see one of them in the4 final; aside from last night's hiccup I think Columbus is still doing it big and no doubt have a shot at a championship double-dip.

But the thought of Seattle or LA in the final has to make you daydream a little. Can you imagine how absolutely huge a story it would be if LA overcome the past few years and make the final? I'll bet you $6 and a half-pound nacho crunch burrito that somewhere in America there is a guy composing a piece this very second on how Beckham's time in the States mirrors Pele's (Pele's Cosmos never won a championship until his 3rd and final season) just in case. And if Seattle is there...let's just say it would be MLS Cup 2002 to the 10th power.

But that's a lot of ifs, maybes and uncertainties. And before we even get to that point we've got to deal with a pair of playoff Superclasico's and yet another Chicago-New England post-season grudge match. So sorry baseball, but you can't hog all of the October excitement for yourself...you've got to learn to share sometime.

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ben said...

there's excitement with baseball?? when did that happen? it's about as exciting as golf.